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Specialisterne and Autismo Ávila train in Technology and Autonomy

Jun 20, 2019

Specialisterne and Autismo Ávila have carried out a project for job training and independent living training.

 On May 5, an exciting 7-week project began, with funding from Obra Social La Caixa and SAGE, where a group of 8 people with ASD was going to prepare for independent living and employment.

 Within the training activities for independent living, the participants worked on the necessary aspects to lead an autonomous life in the future, from doing laundry, preparing a weekly menu (balanced and healthy), shopping list, going to the supermarket …

 The second week (and for two weeks) they began the job training that Specialisterne has carried out at the Higher Polytechnic School of Ávila.

 They carried out various group activities to learn about concepts in the socio-occupational field, learned about new work methodologies that allow them to learn to manage tasks and times, conducted job searches and worked on important aspects such as the CV and the job interview, among others.

 During the next three weeks they carried out an individual practice plan with their topics of interest, which was managed remotely with the Specialisterne trainers.

 On June 19, an open house was held to publicize the program in which the activities that the boys have carried out during these seven weeks were explained and, later, the attendees were able to visit the Autismo Ávila homes .

 More details about the course of this project in the Specialists Blog.