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Specialisterne Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation with the goal to generate meaningful employment for one million autistic/neurodivergent persons through social entrepreneurship, corporate sector engagement and a global change in mindset.



IT / administrative and other services

Specialisterne continuously searches for people with autism, Asperger’s and similar conditions within what is known as neurodivergence, forms them technically and socially with courses of up to 5 months and 500 hours, and subsequently hires them, acting before our clients as a company of insourcing / outsourcing services for IT, administrative / BPO and other projects.

 Our “specialists” usually work in our clients’ own offices or facilities, integrated into teams, and dedicating themselves to multiple tasks. And providing many skills highly valued by companies such as passion for details, perseverance and concentration or logical reasoning, among others.

 In the IT and administrative field, we range from data, document and image processing to data analysis with big data, cybersecurity or system and network monitoring, through software testing or software development. Specialisterne has also already carried out projects in the industrial and retail sectors.

 As part of the service, Specialisterne provides a job coach, who carries out awareness-raising and training actions to the team in which we include people with autism, as well as continuous support (in general, a weekly session) to those same people.

 In Spain, we already work with dozens of clients, including financial and insurance entities, companies in the IT sector and many other companies in various sectors.

Autism advantage

Many people with autism have an ability for detail that is unsurpassed. We call this ability, added to others that tend to occur in these people, the “advantage of autism” and it is our key argument – but not the only one – in favor of the inclusion of these people in companies.

All the people who provide our services to companies have a condition within the autism (or Asperger) spectrum or some other within what is known as neurodiversity. At Specialisterne we see talent beyond diagnosis, and we value those characteristics by focusing these people on tasks that they like and in which they excel, turning what is often considered a disadvantage into the “advantage of autism”.

 Tasks that other people often find boring, repetitive, or overly demanding in some ways are a perfect fit for our talented employees, who truly enjoy these types of jobs and bring their ability to:

  • Pay close attention to details
  • Concentrating for longer periods than usual
  • Persevere in repetitive tasks or actions
  • Recognize patterns
  • Detect deviations in data, information and systems

 But including people with autism has an impact that goes beyond just bringing in talent. Among other reasons, our clients experience -and we help to measure- a high loyalty of this talent, a professional growth of the teams and especially of those responsible for those teams, plus all the benefits of carrying out a project that also has a social impact. , generates brand pride and can be perfectly aligned with the CSR policy or compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals of a company.

software testing

The passion for details, high visual skills, honesty or tolerance to repeatedly perform certain tasks is characteristics that many people with autism and similar conditions meet. At Specialisterne we put them in value, providing our clients with suitable personnel for all kinds of tasks related to the execution and automation of software tests, including:

  • Software functionality tests of all kinds, from transactional to video games and apps
  • Web compatibility and functionality tests
  • Testing of mobile phones and other devices
  • Checking web content, form design, user manuals and GUI
  • Usability testing
  • User acceptance tests
  • Elaboration of detailed test cases
  • Automation of software tests

Other IT services

A passion for details, a focus on quality, an ability to concentrate, logical reasoning or the ability to detect patterns are characteristics of many people with autism and similar conditions that are very useful in software development tasks, analysis of big data, systems and network monitoring, or in innovative cybersecurity or artificial intelligence projects where a different point of view can also provide additional value.

Among others, we carry out projects of:

Software development

  • Code migrations between platforms and languages
  • Software to migrate or debug data between applications
  • Software and web page localization
  • Software to generate lists and reports
  • Preparation of user manuals
  • General programming

Operations / Systems Management / Security

  • Operations, configuration, administration and monitoring of servers, DB, systems and networks
  • Help desk, ticketing
  • Access management and controls
  • Cybersecurity

Analysis / Big Data / Finance

  • Data analysis in big data projects
  • Documentation check and compliance with criteria (audit, risk analysis, …)

Artificial intelligence / Machine learning

  • Preparation and classification of data and input cases

Data and document processing

Many people with autism and similar conditions can perform these processes, typical of administrative or back-office environments or BPO, typically repetitive and structured, with high performance and quality and always maintaining the same criteria. But, in addition, they can identify patterns that help speed up processes and prevent errors.

 Data treatment

  • Data entry in databases, forms and lists
  • Database conversion, migration and merging
  • Cleaning and review of databases
  • Entry of orders, invoices and customer data / CRM
  • Content management of websites and Internet portals
  • Accounting management
  • Backoffice and BPO tasks

Document processing

  • Inventory and archive
  • Digitization
  • Data extraction
  • Transcription
  • Review of data and documents
  • Indexing and cataloging
  • Treatment and labeling of images / videos / audios

Other services

The spectrum of autism is very broad, and within it we can find people who have certain manual, organizational or social skills that we also value in industrial or manipulative tasks. Thus, both in other countries and in Spain, Specialisterne has carried out projects in areas such as distribution, industry, marketing, etc. As a sample, the project with Gureak to include people with autism in marketing and industrial fields. [LINK to news]

In general, in the form of tailor-made projects, Specialisterne can collaborate with companies of all kinds and with organizations focused on inclusion to carry out projects for the inclusion of neurodiversity in numerous fields, always seeking to provide the appropriate training and incorporate each person into a position in which you can contribute the maximum value.

software testing