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Business collaboration Gureak – Specialisterne

Jul 24, 2018

The GUREAK Business Group defines itself as a “business group committed to the socio-labor inclusion of people with disabilities. We generate stable job opportunities and design personalized professional itineraries through the development of competitive activities”.

Due to the design of these personalized itineraries, they sought the formula to ensure that people with a diagnosis of autism or Asperger's syndrome in their organization could unleash their full potential and value their abilities for the most suitable jobs for them. In this way they got to know the Specialisterne model of competencies.

This knowledge finally led to a pilot project in which 12 people with a diagnosis of autism participated: 4 people from various GUREAK pathways (marketing and industrial), 4 job seekers from GUREAK, and 4 people derived from GAUTENA. One of the main objectives was to train Gureak professionals in the knowledge of the profiles, skills and support needs of people with ASD. To this end, the Specialisterne trainers showed them how to detect, work and use that talent that each of them had. The project had 3 phases: selection, training and practices. The training course was held at the GUREAK facilities for 4 weeks (March 6-29), and subsequently a 3-month internship period began in GUREAK centers or in ordinary companies, taking into account the professional profile of each candidate. The internship jobs were chosen according to the competencies and motivations of each candidate, making the necessary adaptations for maximum performance and quality optimization.

The group worked through various methodologies and dynamics to promote learning and evaluation of their professional skills. In some of the sessions, the work was individual, and in others, teams of 3 or 4 people were formed, as in the Senior Solution projects. Maintaining the individualized training that characterizes Specialisterne, a part of the group focused on administrative and data management tasks, working on skills related to concentration, speed and a low error rate. The other part developed tasks of review, creation and analysis of web pages, focusing the work on competencies such as task planning and autonomy in decision-making.

This entire training process was designed and conducted by the Specialisterne training team, with the support and accompaniment of the head of Gureak, who was observing the different dynamics and learning the methodology and the competencies model.

It should be noted that this project has included various conferences and talks by Specialisterne professionals that have been held at the GUREAK facilities in San Sebastián. The objective has been to make our company known, and above all to train professionals on the characteristics, needs and abilities of people with ASD.

The result has been spectacular, since all the participants in the program have managed to optimize performance in their jobs, whether in the marketing area, the industrial area or in ordinary companies.